Personal consultation

1-1 Consultation

So what is a 1-1 consultation for?

Well it can be for many things.

You are thinking of booking a series of treatments and would like to discuss your physical
wellbeing history and how we can make you feel less stressed, tired, stiff or whatever your
personal Achilles Heel is and transform you in to the best version of your Self.
It can be a consultation before you start the 6 week programme. We go through your medical
history together and look at your physical, spiritual and mental goals for the short term and the long
term. We also look at what patterns have previously hindered you from achieving these goals.
Then together we make an achievable 6 week plan.
You would like to start a personal meditation practice but need some 1-1 guidance and support.
You would like to start manifesting. Maybe there is a new career you would like, you’d like to move
home, you are following the same pattern in relationships, are having health issues or just simply
want to create more abundance in your life. I can help you to Manifest a new reality using Intention

How does it work on a practical level?

  • You can come to me
  • I can come to you
  • We can have a Skype session in the comfort of your own home