Work with Seher

Corporate wellbeing and wellness at work

Corporate Wellbeing

 Employee Wellness Programmes and regular wellness days benefit employees and employers.  Happy, healthy employees are more productive.


Personal consultation

Be your best self.  Let’s discuss your physical, spiritual and mental goals for the short term and the long-term and create a personalised plan.


Ear Acupuncture

Incredibly fine needles are inserted into the ear painlessly using the flying needle technique  for detoxing and weight loss and much more.


Wellpower for Women

Let’s work together to get you to your best self. You deserve more energy, better sleep and optimum wellness.


12 weeks of stillness in the city

Follow my programme and you will have more energy, vitality, peace and wellness.
“You will feel super charged …”


Wellpower for Men

Let’s work together to get you to your best self. You deserve more energy, better sleep and optimum wellness.


1-1 Yoga

With a 1-1 yoga session, find alignment and a tailor made practice in your own home


1-1 Meditation

Meditation is the single most important tool for self improvement.

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Choose from shiatsu, Thai, Indian head massage or reiki to bring your body back to balance and vitality.

Book a session

Lets find a time to Stretch, Focus and Treat your Self Well.

Kind words and successes

She changed my life!

I started seeing Seher Khan for pelvic girdle pain at around 20 weeks pregnant. I could hardly walk when i came in and can honestly say she changed my life! Her treatments have helped me with every pregnancy related symptom I've had and believe me I've had them all; nausea, pregnancy migraine, pelvic girdle pain, SPD, heartburn, pregnancy sinusitis and she even turned my transverse baby before labour! I still go to her on a weekly basis where she adapts the treatment to my changing body. She is warm, kind and has an amazing energy. I seriously don't know what I would have done without her treatments!

Lucy Garbutt


Thanks Seher I feel so much stronger, fitter and more flexible as a result of regularly attending your yoga class. Your classes are challenging and stimulating and my yoga practice has really developed since attending your classes. Since having regular shiatsu sessions with Seher I have found that my history of neck and shoulder stiffness has remarkably improved. I feel looser and generally more relaxed and balanced. I have found your advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle very helpful and practical. Thanks Seher.

Hannah Morphey
Working mum with 3 children under 10

Breathing Exercises

Thanks to Seher I have managed to incorporate a yoga routine into my daily life. On her advice I even practice the lotus position whilst watching television and a shoulder stand before bed to help me sleep! Her classes are creative, inspiring, fun and challenging; my flexibility, strength and posture have vastly improved since attending them Following Seher's advice I now use tumeric on a daily basis in drinks and in cooking; I have also introduced chia and flax seeds into my salads and cereals. As as result I am getting less colds and my skin is glowing. Thanks to Seher's skillful shiatsu massages I no longer have a problem with my lower back. Since having children it was difficult for me to lie down on my back without pain but I can now do so. Not to mention that fact that they are blissfully relaxing! Seher has also given me advice on breathing exercises when I am rushing around trying to juggle everything; they have helped me to become more grounded and focused.

Sasha Behar

Shiatsu & Yoga

I find Seher combines a really sensitive, intuitive touch, with a focused, practical approach.  I love that she is down to earth, enormously responsive and generous, and also brings with her a wealth of experience and skill. Her shiatsu massage and her yoga classes are second to none. Thank you Seher.

Rebecca Clouston
Personal Stylist


I have known Seher in her capacity as a shiatsu practitioner for over 10 years and she has subsequently become a lovely friend.  She has an amazing capacity as a healer and is gifted beyond words.  My mind and body look forward to my monthly treatments and both complain bitterly if missed.  I recommend her to anybody without hesitation for her intuitive, generous, positive support.

Zumba Instructor

Shiatsu Treatments

Thank you so much for my weekly shiatsu treatments which leave me feeling relaxed, grounded and in general overall health. I have recommended you to all my friends!