Spells, Prayers and Intentions

What’s the difference between these three words and can the power of intention actually manifest in reality?

The power of words and positive outcomes

What these words have in common is that they are all an attempt at manifesting a positive outcome.

So what is the difference between a spell, a prayer and an intention? Well for one thing the word spell is the most loaded and fear inducing of all 3 words, which in itself proves the power of words. The dictionary definition of spell is to create a word using letters but the origin of the word (French Germanic or Norse) is to talk or announce.

Our ancestors, before organised religion, would have called on nature and the elements to help them to stay safe from extreme elements and wild animals They would have asked for a hunting expedition to be fruitful and pleaded for a sick child to heal. If they had no notion of a god to pray to then can what they were doing be called a spell or in 21st century language an intention. I recall sitting at my sick child’s hospital bed repeating “please get better, please get better, please get better” thousands of times. It could be said that I was chanting a healing spell but if I added God please help my child get better, would it then be a prayer?

What about negative incantations. Another word for swearing is cursing. One of the most famous curses was in Romeo and Juliet when Mercutio spits a curse to Romeo with his dying breath. Well we all know how that ended. Are we doing any less when we swear at other drivers in the heat of road rage or wish harm on a spurned lover.

“A plague on both your houses” Mercutio to Romeo in Romeo and Juliet

Can we manifest an outcome using just our own power?

In all 3 words we are asking for something, either a change of outcome, a manifesting of a desire or or on a very basic level a feeling of peace. The one difference between the 3 words is that only during prayer are we asking a third party for any of the above. This dualism which places God outside of us is that which makes prayer stand apart from a spell or an intention. In the latter two we are trying to manifest a change through our own power, whether you want to call that your Buddha nature, your own ability to heal or our own intrinsic connection to God.

“The whole universe is one. There is only one self in the universe, only One existence” Swami Vivekenanda

The Power of the Mind

Dr Masaru Emoto claimed, through his famous water and rice experiments, that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His work explored his belief that water could react to positive words and thoughts and he conducted numerous experiments proving how polluted water can be cleaned merely with prayer and positive visualisation. Humans are over 70% water and most objects contain water therefore human consciousness can effect the molecular structure of most objects, human or otherwise.

Can I really Manifest things with my Mind?

I am a strong believer in the power of intention and manifestation. I have previously manifested a man by standing in my own place of power and calling for a number of qualities that I needed at the time, he appeared within 100 yards of the spot 4 days later. I’m not saying he was the perfect man but he was exactly what I’d asked for (be careful what you wish for!) More recently as a prelude to writing this article I adjusted my usual money manifestation to call something that was more tangible (so it couldn’t be put down to a busy time at work or any other reason). I asked for a diamond, not a ring or piece of jewellery as that would come with other entanglements and expectations. Two weeks later my manifested diamond appeared, a random gift with no strings.

So It is possible. The brain is the most complex of computers, which scientists still know very little about and the power of human consciousness is something that we know even less about. I’m sure most of you can feel when you are with someone that loves you or around someone that hates you and that is the power of human consciousnesses. Meditate, focus your mind, fine tune your intentions and say things with passion and conviction. You will be surprised at what you can call in to existence and in to your life.

“Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and and that which is above is like that which is below” Sir Isaac Newton

Article by Seher Khan

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