Bzzz Balls with Bee Pollen


1 Cup of Dates
1 Cup of Nuts
1 Tbspn Coconut Oil
1 Tbspn Almond Butter
1 Tbspn Chia Seeds
1 Tbspn Bee Pollen
1 Tbspn Hemp Powder
1 Tbspn Cacao

Desiccated Coconut or crushed Pistachios to coat


Add all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth and gooey. Shape into balls and roll in either the desiccated coconut or chopped pistachios. Place in a tupperware container and freeze for an hour, then keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Yes that simple. In fact I will now confess that my 9 year old daughter made the ones in the picture!! Bee Pollen is truly a superfoodprotein rich and full of amino acids, great for hot flushes.

To bespoke this recipe, pick your nuts!!!

Almonds for the skin, Cashews for memory loss and depression, Pecans for the heart and fatigue, Pistachios for hormone balance and eyesight or Walnuts for HDL and Omega 3

healthy nut buzz balls

Bee Pollen truly is a superfood; protein rich and full of amino acids, great for hot flushes.

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