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Transform the health of your company and your employees

Corporate Wellbeing programmes are good for Companies

Employee Wellness Programmes have been shown to reduce absenteeism, staff member turnover rates and healthcare costs. Corporate wellbeing is a key part of a forward thinking conscious organisation’s success; the results of these programmes leads to higher productivity, which in the end results in a more profitable company. We also provide team connectivity and cohesion building exercises to minimise workplace tension and conflict.

Stress free teams

Providing a regular Wellness day that facilitates your employees’ rejuvenation and healthy growth is beneficial to both employer and employee. This is a holistic programme that incorporates nutrition, massage, movement and mind/mental health as well as a safe place for employees to get support and advice on any areas of stress.

Regular wellness days

Making wellness a regular part of work life has shown to make employees healthier and in turn happier. A company that provides access to any kind of exercise or therapy that promotes well-being within it’s offices and during work hours is telling it’s employees that they are valued and more importantly that they are being invested in for the long term.

Wellness Services


Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and works on the health of the body through energy lines called meridians.


Sessions to focus and calm the mind. Starting from the very basics of sitting and breathing techniques.


All These therapies are experienced fully clothed and without oils so perfect for the workplace.


Hypnotherapy helps to release old emotional patterns to rewire the brain and merge both the conscious and the unconscious mind.


Teaching us to consciously connect to our breath and encourage its’s natural rhythms therefore harmonising the body and mind.


For all ages, abilities, physiques. This will accommodate all levels and focus on relaxation and is suited for office setting.

Transform the health of your company and your employees

In order to reduce employee churn and sick days we will take a careful look at your office and employees. What is the availability of healthy food options, exercise, bonding and relaxation within the workplace.

We will then create a bespoke plan which will include specific services we provide such as Wellness days, Lunch and Learn, boding days out and regular yoga sessions and massage days.

We will work closely with employees that are less engaged and therefore need more support. Using CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness we give them the confidence they need to become a strong link in your company. We monitor the progress of all employees from beginning to end to ensure a positive outcome.

We establish the areas of weakness and find solutions.

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All companies have different needs, strengths and weaknesses. So choose the options that best fits your vision for your employees’ future Wellpower goals and allow me to create you a bespoke package to tailor fit your needs.