12 Week Stillness in the City Programme

This investment in your Wellbeing will contribute to a lifetime of good health

 You want to be at your best!  You want energy to get through your day!  You want a good night’s sleep so you feel vibrant throughout your day and can have fun after work! You want to feel good about yourself and feel comfortable in your body. You want to think positive and feel positive! Be confident and inspire confidence.

What you don’t want is exhaustion, sugar cravings, dips in energy, lack of confidence, mood swings, tossing and turning in bed, low libido and being too tired to even exercise never mind have fun!

Then Wellpower 6 week Programme will help you achieve all of this.


Your commitment


+ My knowledge


= Wellpower

Ive designed a 12 Week Wellpower Program for people who know they need to do somethingto reach their full potential.  I use one-on-one coaching sessions to identify thoughts, actions and habits that keep you from being at your best. Firstly we will target the specific areas – whether mind, body or soul- that are keeping you from feeling vital, confident, energised, peaceful and most of all happy. Then we work together to create a personalised health system  that truly works for you. These techniques can then continue to be used after the 12 weeks are over. Ill help you turn things around to change negative thought patterns and gain much greater health, confidence, energy, joy, peace and wellness.

This intensive 12 week programme guarantees you will feel super charged and able to take on whatever life throws at you. It will also help you to manage any changes that you are going through at the moment, whether these are to do with your career or physical, mental and emotional.

I offer a limited number of spaces on this programme so that each person receives an intensive programme in their workplace,  personalised to your lifestyle and situation. When  committed to the 12 weeks you will see changes that you can continue to use after the 12 weeks are over.

What happens during the programme?

  • 12 x 90 minute 1-on-1  weekly sessions

  • Unlimited email support.

  • Nutritional advice, recipes, foods to avoid and increase

  • Practical solutions, specifically to suit you

  • Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques.

  • An exercise plan to suit you.
  • Stress reduction through breathing.

The cost

£3000 for 12 weeks

My one-on-one health coaching is an incredibly effective tool to identify, enact and sustain improvements in your life.

Together we will reach your Wellness and consequently work goals.

Optimal health is attainable and Ill get you there.

Book soon as spaces are limited. 

Stillness In The City - Corporate Wellness

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