Corporate Wellbeing and Employee Wellness Services

Corporate Wellbeing programmes are good for Companies

Employee Wellness Programmes have been shown to reduce absenteeism, staff member turnover rates and healthcare costs.  Corporate wellbeing is a key part of a forward thinking conscious organisation’s success; the results of these programmes leads to higher productivity, which in the end results in a more profitable company.  

Invest in your most valuable asset – your employees 

Making wellness a regular part of work life has shown to make employees healthier and in turn happier. A company that provides access to any kind of exercise or therapy that promotes wellbeing within it’s offices and during work hours is telling it’s employees that they are valued and more importantly that they are being invested in for the long term.

Regular wellness days

Providing a regular Wellness day that facilitates your employees’ rejuvenation and healthy growth is beneficial to both employer and employee. This is a holistic programme that incorporates nutrition, massage, movement and mind/mental health as well as a safe place for employees to get support and advice on any areas of stress.

Stress free teams

We also provide team connectivity and cohesion building exercises to minimise workplace tension and conflict.


Your company +


Your employees




Yoga – For all ages, abilities, physiques. This will accommodate all levels and focus on relaxation and is suited for office wear and the office setting.


Massage – Shiatsu, Thai, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Chair Massage – All These therapies are experienced fully clothed and without oils so perfect for the workplace. They can be done in slots of half an hour – just long enough to feel the benefits but not too long that it’s difficult to go back to work or an hour if you’d really like to treat your staff.


Meditation and Mindfulness sessions to focus and calm the mind. Starting from the very basics of sitting and breathing techniques; creating a space for employees who would like to sit in a quiet space or regular meditators who need to be supported in their regular practice.


Auricular acupuncture sessions.  Ear acupuncture can be performed individually or as a group, simply for relaxation as well as for detoxification and addiction issues. A series of 10 sessions is advised.


Transformational and Pranayama Breathing teaching us to consciously connect to our breath and encourage its’s natural rhythms therefore harmonising the body and mind. It could be argued that harnessing the power of conscious breathing is the key to a serene mind.


Personal Training. Advice for starting a fitness regime or support in changing your fitness goals.


Art Therapy. Self expression through Art Therapy can help resolve inner conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour, lessen stress and increase self awareness.


Transformative Leadership Training. Maximising leadership potential through role-play to enact keyelements of their professional lives.


Individual employee advice on keeping physically flexible and mobile, and techniques to avoid shoulder strain or backache at work.   And advice on making healthy nutritional choices during office hours – small changes can make a big difference.


Advice for employers for creating a more ergonomic and nutritionally aware workplace. Providing healthier drinks and snacks can stop the sugar and caffeine energy slump and small changes in the office environment can make employees happier and more relaxed. I can even arrange a Feng Shui expert to  harmonise your office space or an ergonomics expert to make sure work stations are optimal.



  • Wellness Half day (1 Therapist) 4 hours  £‎300
  • Wellness Half day (2 Therapists) 4 hours £‎600
  • Wellness Full day (1 Therapist) 8 hours  £‎600
  • Wellness Full day (2 Therapists) 8 hours £‎1100
  • 1 Hour Group Meditation/Mindfulness £‎150
  • 1 Hour Group Yoga  £‎90
  • 1 Hour Qi Gong Class £90
  • Group Art Therapy 2 hours £300
  • Breathing Seminar 2 hours POR/Breathing Workshop 2 hours £50 per head
  • Group Auricular Acupuncture 90 Minutes £‎200
  • Feng Shui Consultation Day POR


All companies have different needs, strengths and weaknesses. So choose the options that best fits your vision for your employees’ future Wellpower goals and allow me to create you a bespoke package to tailor fit your needs.


Book soon as spaces are limited. 

Request a personalised Wellness Proposal for your company

It’s time to take care of  your employees’ health.  Varying options available – from lunchtime workshops, regular wellness days or individual treatments, let’s talk.