Transformational Breath® & Yoga Urban Escape with Elif, Sarah & Seher
  • 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Wheatsheaf Hall Community Centre Wheatsheaf Lane London SW8 2UP United Kingdom
Alfresco Festival
  • Colebrook Lakes Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 3UP

Event Facilitators

Seher Khan
seher facilitator

Seher is the founder and creator of Wellpower. You can read about Seher on her about page.

Feed the Feminine workshop was inspired by my clients and friends who came to me seeking support for their health and wellbeing.  It seemed that lots of women are going through the same challenges, but in different forms.  Although women are more communicative than men, busy women, who are part of the “I can do it all” generation are embarrassed to admit that sometimes they struggle.  We have so much pressure and juggle jobs, family, partners, households, that our own wellbeing and peace of mind gets neglected.  Feed the Feminine workshop will support women collectively.  There is something joyful and powerful when women gather and create a sacred space.”

Ozgur Tasci

Ozgur’s conscious healing journey began in the late 90’s, when she was introduced to Jungian ideas through astrology and tarot. Since then, she has been working with dreams, mandalas, symbols and active imagination techniques as a way of establishing a continuous relationship with the psyche.

She has studied astrology, psychodynamic counselling and yoga.The works of the Canadian Jungian therapist and body workshop leader Marion Woodman had a huge impact on her understanding of the body- soul relationship and on her decision to start combining yoga with her ongoing painting, dream-work and active imagination practice.

She works as a yoga teacher and as an interpreter in hospitals and health centres across London and considers both of these jobs as a natural continuation of her investigation into the mysteries of life and human condition. She is inspired to maintain an open approach and to draw upon the world’s spiritual traditions as well as from literature and from symbolic systems such as astrology, tarot and I Ching. Writings of Dominican Meister Eckhart and of Jung and Jungian writers; the letters and poems of Rilke as well as some Sufi literature by Attar and Rumi are some of the invaluable texts she refers to on regular basis for insight and understanding – and also for support in remaining genuine and inquisitive in her practice and teaching.

Sasha Behar
Sasha Behar

Sasha Behar studied Classics at Cambridge University and has twenty years of experience as an actor working in TV, film and theatre. She also works as a Psychosynthesis counselor, coach, and facilitator, one to one and in groups, designing and delivering material on transition, creative behaviours and personal impact, in both the private and public sector. She combines her experience as an actor and her training as a coach and counselor, to address both the practical and psychological aspects of transformation. She takes particular pleasure in giving clients the confidence to really express themselves, with spontaneity and passion.

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